Configuring your Windows 8 Phone for Email

Here are step-by-step instructions for configuring your Windows 8 phone’s mail program to use mail servers:

  1. Tap the Settings app.

  2. Tap "email+accounts".

  3. In the "email+accounts" section, tap "add Account…".

  4. Tap "other account, POP and IMAP" for the type of account to add.

  5. Tap the "Email address" field to start entering your information, entering your email address on the Neptune server (e.g. "" or "") and password.

    Tap the “sign in” button when you are finished with these entries.

  6. You will see a screen with an error message and a "try again" button. Tap the "try again" button, then you will also see an “"advanced" button. Tap the "advanced" button.

  7. In the "Advanced Setup" screen, tap "Internet email".

  8. In the top part of the "Internet Email Account" screen, enter the name you’d like associated with the account (e.g. “Neptune”) if it has not already been selected to your tastes based on the information you’ve entered thus far. Enter your full name (or the name you’d like to have show up as the description for your email address, in the "Your name" field. Enter "" in the "Incoming email server" field, and choose "IMAP4" as the account type.

    After you’ve done this, swipe to scroll down to the next part of the screen.

  9. You should see your username and password already entered. Enter "" in the "Outgoing (SMTP) email server" field.

  10. Swipe again to scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Check the "Outgoing server requires authentication" and "Use the same user name and password for sending email" fields, then tap the "advanced settings" button.

  11. Ched the "Require SSL for incoming email" and "Require SSL for outgoing email" fields. If you want to change your email checking and downloading preferences, you can also do that here. Once you’ve made your choices, tap the "sign in" button to save the changes and sign into your account;

  12. When you go to your Windows phone Start screen, you should now see a new tile with the mail icon and the word "Neptune" (or whatever name you gave your account). You are now ready to use your email account from your Windows 8 phone.

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