A Dream of Death

Dreams of love. Dreams of wealth. Dreams of joy. Dreams of power.
We dream to make the pain go away.
One by one the dreams fail us and the pain returns stronger than ever.
Until at last we see that the dream of death is the only dream that's real.

"A Dream of Death" is a full length concept album telling the tale of a person torn apart by the beauty of dreams and the ugliness of reality. The music ranges from the heavy pounding rhythmic style found in Unholy Rapture to the engulfing melodic style explored in Lovecraftian Nightmares. It is the best Fireaxe work to date, bursting with emotional energy on every track. It will invigorate you, shock you, crush you, depress you, and comfort you. Prepare yourself for an incredible ride.

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A Dream of Death

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Musical samples from "A Dream of Death"

The Rack
( 3:33 min sample - 521Kb Real Audio 3 (stereo) | Full lyrics)

"A mind pried open, and filled with lies,
helpless in the torture room, no one hears the cries.
Alone in darkness, and trembling with fear,
demons now haunt the world, never seen, but feel so near."

Earthbound Goddess
( 3:16 min sample - 479Kb Real Audio 3 (stereo) | Full lyrics)

"She was so beautiful to me.
A vision only I could see.
And as the clouds began to break,
I promised her I'd never wake."

The New God
( Full lyrics)

"Ever so slowly my senses returned,
And I saw straight through all that crap I had learned.
It's bullshit, it's bullshit, and I have bought the dream.
It's bullshit, it's bullshit, and I have been deceived."

Another Dream
( Full lyrics)

"Another dream, that ends in tears.
The flame is gone, death feels so near.
I need a dream, that never dies.
But all I see, are guilded lies."

Unholy Rapture
( Full lyrics)

"In endless need, I slowly bleed - I must kill the dream.
Wracked with pain, my hope is slain - I must kill the dream.
In darkest night, no end in sight - I must kill the dream.
I hear a cry, from deep inside - I must kill the dream.
Death to the dream!"

I Am the Destroyer of Dreams
( Full lyrics)

"And to survive, I will need a weapon,
That's razor sharp, and spitting flames...
Like the fires of hell, and all their deepest fears,"

All in Flames
( Full lyrics)

"What do you see when you look inside your dreams?
What do you see when you look inside yourself?
Do you see the pain that drove you far away from the waking world?
Do you see the fear that all your lovely dreams are never coming true?"

Where's the Sun?
( Full lyrics | MP3 of "Where's the Sun?" @ )

"In a sea, of entropy,
Within the dream of death is where I soon will be.
Look and see, what's become of me,
Just a spark of anger in eternity."

A Wrench in the Works
( Full lyrics )

"I needed a spark to set things alight.
a man on a mission who was ready to fight.
To burn down the old and make way for the new,
to cleanse this world and that's why I made you!"

One Last Kiss
( Full lyrics)

"Oh, my goddess has returned.
Up from the grave where she had burned.
And now I see she cannot die.
She's come to kiss me one last time."

Forever Vigilance

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