Eternal Devotion to the Dark Goddess

Eternal Devotion to the Dark Goddess

The world is not black and white, it is black and black.
And enthralled to insane gods we fight and die for a lie.

Told in nine parts "Eternal Devotion to the Dark Goddess" is the story
of a man's life, of his naive and hopeful beginnings, of his disillusionment
and drive to succeed at all costs, and of his fall and quest for retribution.
The protagonist's tale is a journey through a world where sadism, deceit, and
exploitation lay waiting behind every shining promise. It is a tale of
cut-throat capitalism, of torture and abuse of power, and of the desperate
struggle to preserve love and purity in a world of lust and debauchery, but
mostly it is about lies and how they are used to create and destroy.

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I Used to be Young
( Full lyrics )
"Trust is a game. It feels so insane to learn that nothing is sacred.
No matter how deep inside you hide they will pry and suck out your marrow."

Masters of the Universe
( Full lyrics )
"I'll rewrite the laws and enslave the community
and keep my stocks high with human impunity.
It's all about capital, that's what they say,
but to me there is simply no other way."

My Angel
( Full lyrics )
"Oh, I could see the joy inside her eyes
as she blushed so shyly.
And I knew that I could never let her go,
I was hers forever."

The Evil Men Do
( Full lyrics )
"No one knows the evil men do
at the helm of the machine.
No one hears the cries of the fallen,
the machine has only one speed."

Death's Angel
( Full lyrics )
"I swore to destroy their system,
the greedy bastards and capitalistic scum,
set fire to their glorious mansions
and hear the screams of their daughters and wives."

God is Pain
( Full lyrics )
"In the beginning God said, 'Let there be suffering!'
and planted seeds of desire and shame.
One bite and we were cast out of paradise,
wracked with guilt and forever enslaved."

Viva la Revolucion
( Full lyrics | MP3 of "Viva la Revolucion" @ )
"And when the terrorists are biting someone's gotta do the fighting.
Guess who's on the front lines? Not them.
And we're drinking filthy water and we're breathing filthy air,
and as we lay dying our bills are rising.
For corporate profits we are led to the slaughter."

My Reflection
( Full lyrics )
"My reflection, has he ever been pushed to breaking?
Has he ever felt the sting of a wound forever bleeding?
Has he stared into the void and known there's no salvation?
Or did he deny his fate and kneel before the ones who broke him?"

Black and Black
( Full lyrics )
"When I was young I used to be so terrified of death.
I made misguided choices and believed such foolish things.
But once I felt her soothing touch and stared into her eyes
I knew there was nothing to fear in the Dark Goddess' embrace."

Forever Vigilance

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