F o o d  f o r   t h e  G o d s

Our gods are absurd caricatures of ancient lawgivers whose virtues and prowess we exaggerate to the extreme to satisfy our needs for love and vengeance.

For centuries the violent clashes between our gods have eroded our sense of security to the point where we must show everyone in the world that the god we follow is the most powerful god of all and make all other gods bow before it.

To this end we make offerings and sacrifices to appease our gods, we endure great suffering, joyful in the belief that we are approaching our day of triumph, and we pass down our divine neuroses to the next generation by filling our children with the fear of pain and loss.

Laws upon laws, wealth upon wealth, and lives upon lives have been placed on the alter of power in the hopes that victory will one day be ours, but all we have done is given the manifestations of our insanity the power to enslave and destroy us.

Food for the Gods

We are Food for the Gods

"Food for the Gods" is fourteen epic tragedies set to music that take the listener on a journey from the ancient past, through the present, into the future, and beyond the grave. Many themes run in and out of these epic works, tying them all together into a cohesive whole. It examines the evolution of religion, love and hate, divine abandonment, ideological purification, psychological enslavement, dreams of glorious triumph, the need for justice and revenge, and how our gods are taking us down the path of self annihilation. It is like nothing that you've ever heard before.

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Fourteen epic tales

Gods of War
( Full lyrics )
Includes: The Wrath of Silence, Written in Blood, Praise to Ishtar, and Chariot
"I filled their minds with darkness. I took their will away.
On their knees they begged my to give them life again.
But I did not answer. I made them suffer like me.
Helpless, abandoned, praying with no answer,
And burning in the wrath of silence."

The Heretic Pharaoh
( Full lyrics )
Includes: Tribute, Heresy, Hymn to Aten, Nefertiti, and Stricken
"But what shall become of the priests?
I care not for a false god's whores.
But what shall become of the generals?
I care not for their endless wars."

Woe is Israel
( Full lyrics )
Includes: The Covenant, My Name is Joshua, and Divine Punishment
"You shall break down their alters, and dash into pieces their pillars,
hew down their asherim, and burn their graven images with fire.
For I am a jealous god and I shall have no rivals."

The Servant of Pain
( Full lyrics )
Includes: Food for the Gods, Malediction, The Citadel Must Fall, Cut or be Cut, and Atrocity
"See it there on the horizon the shining citadel,
a monument to our insanity.
Its towers reaching up to heaven, so tall and proud,
and built upon the corpses of a million slaves."

The Prophet
( Full lyrics )
Includes: In the Desert, The Tower of Pain, The Lesson Learned
"And the prophet said, 'You must suffer for your sins'.
And the prophet said, 'You must suffer all your lives'.
And the prophet said, 'I bring not peace but a sword'.
And the prophet said, 'Take your cross and follow me'."

( Full lyrics )
Includes: The Great Crusade, The Purge, Evil is Everywhere
"The blood of the martyr is the grease for the wheels of the war machine."

Guardian of the Realm
( Full lyrics )
Includes: Where Eagles Fly, The Insatiable Dream, The Siren's Song
"And I am the lusts of the people. I am their fighting machine.
I kill, they roar, and I rejoice in the cheers and the screams.
But enough is never enough, we chase and insatiable dream.
The crowd, the king, devour the world through me."

Raise the Black Flag
( Full lyrics )
Includes: Betrayed, Revolution, A New World Order, The Cycle Continues
"As the old god dies a new god is born.
Young and hungry and more oppressive than before.
The people love their new god and spread his word across the earth.
And in the name of freedom they build an empire of fear."

River of Madness
( Full lyrics )
"Deep beneath the surface, where your passions dwell,
reaching up to touch you and drag you down to hell.
You will realize there's two paths to insanity,
trying to be who others want and trying to be who you want to be."

The Soul Doctors
( Full lyrics )
Includes: Lay thee down, A Single Voice, Fear the Priest
"Worship me, prince divine.
You are empty. I am the mind.
There is no god, he is dead.
There's only me inside your head."

Black Knight
( Full lyrics )
Includes: I Live in Silence, Catastrophe, Tapestry of Pain,
"I watch my beloved angel shed a tear for my lost love,
and become a demon goddess with wings of burning fire."

Waiting for Tomorrow
( Full lyrics )
"And we would believe everything is alright.
Another cross to bear, another scar to hide.
Clinging to a dream at the end of the pain.
Another straw on the camel's back."

On Earth as it is in Hell
( Full lyrics | MP3 of "Failures of the Fathers" @ )
Includes: Failures of the Fathers, Living Death, and The Last Man
"Just as the flowers, the grass, and the trees fight a war over every piece of dirt.
Just as the insects, fish, and animals are both predators and prey.
So do humans clash with each other over words ideas and gods.
Chasing after their visions of peace across a battlefield soaked with their blood."

The Flame Extinguished
( Full lyrics | MP3 of "Welcome to my Realm" @ )
Includes: Welcome to my Realm, Storm the Walls, Aflame,
The Sum of All Fears, The Rape of Heaven, and Cold and Dark Infinity
"And while the sycophants rejoice in paradise,
you'll be here, and baptised in hell fire.
The only difference between the heavens and earth
is here you have no illusions."

Forever Vigilance

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