V i c t o r y  o r   D e a t h

Two kings, two rivals, fighting for supremacy.
Each send into the arena their finest champion.
I stand before the crowd, allies and enemies.
Some cheering for my victory, some screaming for my blood.
But I know that I shall win for my king's cause is right.

Victory or Death

"Victory or Death" is a compilation of tracks from "Food for the Gods", an epic metal tragedy spanning 3 CDs which portrays three thousand years of war, death, and pain, and graphically depicts the grisly demise of the human race. "Victory or Death" is but a taste of that larger work.

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Track List

Failures of the Fathers
( Full lyrics | MP3 of "Failures of the Fathers" @ )
A hard driving metal anthem from "On Earth as it is in Hell"
"Now every father is a failed god, burning with anger and punishing sin.
And every mother is a failed goddess, capricious and fickle and turning her back.
And every child is a broken dream, a promise the gods could never keep,
Trying to find a new path to peace and failing, failing."

( Full lyrics )
A pure powerthrash assault from "Gods of War"
"Striking like lightning, the tempest doth rage."

Food for the Gods
( Full lyrics )
The title cut for the 3 CD set from "The Servant of Pain"
"We are enslaved to a world in flames.
We tremble in fear and kill in their names.
We bow to their will as they promise us glory.
We go to our graves lifting them up to the sky."

The Covenant/My Name Is Joshua
( Full lyrics )
The Old Testament in all its brutal glory from "Woe is Israel"
"You shall break down their alters, and dash into pieces their pillars,
hew down their asherim, and burn their graven images with fire.
For I am a jealous god, and I shall have no rivals."

The Great Crusade
( Full lyrics )
A power ballad from "Them"
"The blood of the martyr is the grease for the wheels of the war machine."

Guardian of the Realm
( Full lyrics )
The full song from "Food for the Gods"
"And I am the lusts of the people. I am their fighting machine.
I kill, they roar, and I rejoice in the cheers and the screams.
But enough is never enough, we chase and insatiable dream.
The crowd, the king, devour the world through me."

Cut or be Cut
( Full lyrics )
Seige and slaughter from "The Servant of Pain"
"If your gods existed they would not allow this desecration.
Skin them alive and leave them for the rats."

The Soul Doctors
( Full lyrics )
The full song from "Food for the Gods" less the introduction
"Worship me, prince divine.
You are empty. I am the mind.
There is no god, he is dead.
There's only me inside your head."

Black Knight
( Full lyrics )
The full song from "Food for the Gods"
"I watched my beloved angel shed a tear for my lost love,
and become a demon goddess with wings of burning fire."

Forever Vigilance

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