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My Cow Cat
I love cows! I believe it all began when I was in grade school and read a book named The Curious Cow. It was a "grass is always greener on the other side" story. I have an outstanding collection of cow items - teapots, dishes, figurines, pictures, and even some museum-purchased items. I also have a cow-spotted cat! 
My Family Room
Hundreds of cow items and collectables fill my kitchen, family room and powder room. I have 3 cows in my garden too. This picture is of the cow-filled shelves above my couch. I mixed the cows with a Mary Engelbreit theme.  Lots of her products are for sale at Higgins & Higgins. Some visitors think my house is utterly ridiculous. I think the decor is udderly charming! Moooo!
My Computer Desktop is set up with a cow theme. I have cow wallpaper and all the title bars are deep pink. My old computer Moo'd when I signed on to Windows. I have 2 cow icons that a friend made for me, 2 cow mousepads and a cow pen I use at my desk.
You can use the icons, wallpapers and wav files if you like. I zipped them up for you. Just click on either icon.
Click here for yummy recipe!I have found the most wonderful recipe for cheesecake and it's spotted!. I call it Mad Cow Pie and it is moocho delightful. Click on the pie picture to get the recipe.
Petals' Homemade Keyboard Cows
Petals' Keyboard Cows
I made these pictures and thought they were pretty original at the time. I call them keyboard cows or macros, but I'm told they are ascii thingies. Mine are so simple compared to others I have now seen. Oh well, it was fun making them! Here are some other ascii cows
Petals Picks Devine Bovines:Geek Cow
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  • Oranges Hall Of MOOs - Ever drive by a cow, hear it MOO and MOO back?
  • Cow of the Month - Temorarily out of service :( Will be back soon!
  • The Cow Car - Very cool car and cute site to read. Congrat's - it got its own .com!
  • Pass the Cows Game - Browser-based copy of original Tip the Cows game by Decipher Inc.
  • Big Dave's Cow Page - Everything in cow
  • Ben & Jerry's - *Print the Action Cow* and make a toy!
  • Amy's Cow Pasture - a fellow cow collector on the net with an amazing collection of cow pictures
  • Gateway's Spot Shop - Graze their pasture! 
  • Cows Caught in the Web - "When a cow laughs, does milk come out her nose?"...links to a zillion wonderful cow pages
  • Cowz - One of the 1st cow pages I visited
  • Tucows - The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software & cute cows!
  • - Queries the top search engines & more. ~ A Special Thanks for listing this page in their favorite links!
  • Erik's Secret Cow Page - I love the titles over the pictures!
  • Monimals - Cute idea, sent to me by a guy named Doug. 
  • Terry P. wrote to me about another place to buy Monimals: ComputerGear, Inc.
  • Socks' Cow Page - "I am cow, hear me moo"

  • ??? Looking for Cow Stuff ??? 

    Oranges Bovine Bazaar - THE Place! Congrat's on your new domain!!

    Cow Cafe` in New Bern, NC.  It is owned by a milk co. named Maola Milk and Ice cream.  They have everything cow - neat cow gifts, food, etc. For info call 1-800-476-1021

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