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"Oh, ya got-ta have friends, the feeling's oh so la la la la"

Significant Bits & Snarf. This man got me started with my web page. Thank you, Mund!
My good friend, ]\/[ongo. Don't miss his award winning King Kong page!
Inline skating at its wildest! My son's sport.
A very good friend of mine! Although we've never met, he's been great company in my home since his morning show on NBC. Check out the Top 10 Lists & Contest
I have met many of the people below in person (including the dog). This is an interesting group with a wide range of talents and interests. I'm sure you'll enjoy their homepages and find great links too!
ossie ossie
Web Pages That Suck.Com - Web Design
**A must read for HTMLing!!*
cat's house Emma Peel   Rabbit's great page
Atlas Zagas SunnyAllDay Dread
TeraGram Nikola Tesla Eponine
HighToned Voyager Kintala the Dog
Silverlock Goyra HoneyBunss & Joe's page
RandyC & Calli Mozart Paleface & VickiVale
Cristi The Storm Starving Artist
JeepneyJen DarkKnight Bassist
=Hot Wheels= Judge2b The Shar Pei Image
FaxOLife Sun aka Suhn Framed Cyber Link CI$ Refugees Listing
Guenevere Lindy CI$ Refugees on IRC
Starr Sky Kissing Tiger/Jeniwren
Wynkyn's World  
Money's World Wide Waste of time
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