R K Wong  Di Nostra Vita  Household Opera 




Lyrical, delicate and intensely whimsical, Randall Wong's "Di Nostra
Vita" channels the Divine Comedy through a magical kaleidescope,
creating a music-box opera at once epic and intimate. Distilling the
essence of Dante's tripartite afterlife into three exquisite toy theatre
sets, Wong miniaturizes without in the least diminishing the scope of
the Great Work. Here, Platonism mixes with nursery rhyme poetics, the
spirit of Lewis Carroll dances with the ghost of Garcia Lorca, the
entire production resonating to Wong's exquisite music of the spheres,
shaped and sculpted around the astonishing instrument of his own
five-octave-range voice. At once mesermizing and playful, this is a
truly unique theatrical experience.

Margaret Wertheim
author of "The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace: A History
of Space from Dante to the Internet"