How to download and play Real Audio sound files

First you need to go to the real audio home page to download the latest version of the player (It's free). Follow the directions given there.

Second, click on the link for the song sample you want to hear. The location of the sound file will appear in the window. Select File -> Open Location on the real audio player and point it to the sound file URL. It should play. If not, go back to the link page and right click the link to download the file to your hard drive so you can play it locally. Unfortunately my provider does not yet support the real audio plug-ins.

However, the provider for the Fireaxe Virtual Concert does.

I chose real audio as the primary format for the sound files for the following reasons:

  • Free real audio file players are available for nearly all platforms.
  • The compressed real audio files take up about 1/4 of the space as .wav or .au sound files
  • You can listen to them in real time rather than waiting for the entire download.
With real audio files I can put more samples on this site with longer playing times and shorter download times. The only downside is if you don't currently have the version 3.0 (or later) real audio player and need to invest some time in downloading and installing it. This page should help you to do that.

How to download and play Wave sound files
Simply click on the link and your browser will download the file. If a plugin has been installed in your web browser it will launch the player application automatically. If not, click the file to launch the application that will play it. Most platforms come with a wave sound player. If yours has one that uses some other format, see the section below.

Other available sound formats

If you can't run real audio or .wav formats for some reason and want a sound sample in some other format, I can e-mail you an .au, or .aiff file for the sample that you desire. If this is something that you want to arrange, e-mail me at and I will hook you up. If your computer cannot play sound samples at all, you can request a cassette tape by sending mail to the previous address.
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