U n h o l y fn'R a p t u r e

The unknown is divided into two forces, that which is Holy and good, and that which
is Unholy and evil. We build great walls to block out evil and the great harm it can
cause while embracing the good which gives us joy and comfort. That which calms,
soothes and heals becomes like God while that which brings pain is cast out. But the
wall becomes a prison, and blinds us from the truth when the truth hurts, for when it
cuts deep we must deny it, or be destroyed by it. Our weakness is our obedience to
our Gods, what we offer up to honor them, and the vast empire we have created to
please ourselves. When your god is truth, and that truth is considered evil by others,
your God becomes the devil, and you are cast out into the darkness. You feel
pain with pleasure, sanity with madness, exaltation with damnation,

it is Unholy Rapture.

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Sound samples

Beyond Zimbabwe
( 1:00 min Wave 1.3 Mb (22kHz) | Full lyrics )

"It is thus that the shadow grows mighty and whole,
As it feeds on the body, and sucks at the soul."

Forgotten Son
( 2:01 min. 296Kb Real Audio 3 (stereo) | Full lyrics )

"They call me the lonely one, that's me the forgotten son.
They call me the devil's breed, if it makes them happy that's who I'll be."

( 4:30 min 660Kb Real Audio 3 (stereo) | 54 sec. Wave 1.2 Mb (22kHz) | Full lyrics )

"At the gates, and fueled by hate,
the slayer of the gods stands in wait.
With empty eyes, where all hope dies,
and ears still ringing with a thousand lies.
Knowing the game, of guilt and shame,
and spreading vengeance with an ax aflame."

( 2:23 min. 351Kb Real Audio 3 (stereo) | Full Lyrics )

"Where is God? Where is his light?
I have no faith. I have no soul.
I am evil. I am in Hell.
I have sinned. I broke the spell."

Fall to the Flame
( 1:37 min. 237Kb Real Audio 3 (stereo) | Full lyrics )

"Are you yearning, young one, for me to ease your pain?
I have all the answers, but none will keep you sane."

Heart and Steel
( 1:43 min. 252Kb Real Audio 3 (stereo) | Full Lyrics )

"He took the corners a bit too fast, oh it was her idea of fun.
She wasn't too much to look at no, but man that little car she could run."

( 1:53 min. 278Kb Real Audio 3 (stereo) | Full Lyrics )

"So you swear to be pure, and bravely assure,
your virtue will never be tried.
But you must lie, steal, and cheat, in a world made of meat,
and repent at the end of your life."

Light of Day
( 2:10 min. 317Kb Real Audio 3 (stereo) | Full lyrics )

"Light of day cannot light my way, down the path I have gone."

Forever Vigilance

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