Unholy Rapture - Lyrics

Beyond Zimbabwe
The drums of the jungle in ecstasy boom,
And summon the chosen to torture and doom;
The quivering throngs wait expectant and sad,
While the shrieks of the priest echo drunkenly mad.

Round the altars are tributes of barley and cream,
And the acolytes stagger in opiate dream.
It is thus that the shadow grows mighty and whole,
As it feeds on the body and sucks at the soul.

- H. P. Lovecraft
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Forgotten Son
Do with me what you will, I know it gives you such a thrill,
to use me, like a toy.
Go ahead take your fill, tomorrow you'll be wanting still,
and I have no choice.
I see you as merely a child, cut loose and running wild,
oh you still have much to learn.
And when you are gone, I lick my wounds an carry on,
knowing that I will have my revenge.
My sweet revenge...

They call me the lonely one, that's me the forgotten son.
They call me the devil's breed, if it makes them happy that's who I'll be.
They call me the Anti-Christ, cross me and you pay the price.
They say I'm the one to blame, to prove them wrong I'll play their game.
Their sick perverted little game...

Who knows where you'll be tomorrow? Oh the days go by so fast.
Who knows what you'll see tomorrow? Good times but they won't last.
Who knows what you'll be tomorrow? Stronger than I am today.
Who knows what you'll think tomorrow? It's all in the songs I play.

You curse and yell to set me straight, but I'm fueled by your hate.
Make threats and back me down, but I'm here for another round.
Act tough holler and scream, careful don't burst a seam.
The way you act when I draw near, I know it's caused by fear.

Who knows where you'll be tomorrow? Oh the days go by so fast.
Who knows what you'll see tomorrow? Good times but they won't last.
Who knows what you'll be tomorrow? Stronger than I am today.
Who knows what you'll think tomorrow? It's all in the songs I play.

See my eyes grow hard and cold, I think your story is getting old,
yes I've heard it all before.
Run from me like a rat, I hold the cards now imagine that,
and now the tables are turned.
Where's your lust now where's your guts, where's the smirk, swagger, and strut?
Gone, like they never had been.
Before me now I see you stand, broken down and half a man,
go now and live with yourself.
But remember me...

© Brian Voth, 1997.
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At the gates, and fueled by hate,
the slayer of the gods stands in wait.
With empty eyes, where all hope dies,
and ears still ringing with a thousand lies.
Knowing the game, of guilt and shame,
and spreading vengeance with an ax aflame.
Wracked with fear, the angels clear,
and with a thuderclap the eldest one appears.

I am eternal, I am the light, I am the way, I am what's right.
Believe in me, now and ever, for I am the power and the glory forever and ever.

Believe the dream, that beautiful dream,
that keeps you satisfied, complacent and serene.
It will explain, and ease the pain,
and give you blind faith to protect you from the rain.
Believe the dream, that horrible dream,
that keeps you from becoming who you want to be.
Trapped inside, nowhere to hide,
so burdened with the need to see the other side.
You dare! Yes, I do!

With ax held high, and a battle cry,
the mighty warriors clash in the sky.
The heavens shake, an unholy wake,
with a million lives at stake.
The gods so strong, it won't last long,
But the challenger keeps fighting on.
You will die! But I will try!
I will survive as long as I keep asking why.

I am immortal, I cannot fall, I am everywhere, I am one and all.
Believe in me, and you will live, I am merciful, I will forgive, I will forgive.

Believe the dream, that wonderful dream,
The cleans your soul, and brings you purity.
It is the key, that sets you free,
and will make everything the way that it should be.
Believe the dream, that horrible dream,
that keeps you insulated from reality.
Shut the door, blot out the war,
and keep believing until peace is restored.

The dream weaves a web of new reality,
Slowly absorbing you in totality.
It gives you visions, a dream that you can fly,
Only illusions as you plummet from the sky.
You feel such freedom, like none you've felt before,
As you retreat inside yourself and close the door.
A perfect world, a perfect life,
A perfect way to throw away your mind.

Where none would dare, the ax does tear,
the smell of burning flesh stings in the air.
With a primal scream, in the bloody steam,
a million true believers wake up from the dream.
Their god is slain, they feel the pain,
and know their savior will never rise again.
How they cry, from the inner eye,
Once I could see, but now...
I am blind, in my mind.
I can no longer see, the lies that have comforted me.

© Brian Voth, 1997.
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I am blind, inside my mind.
There is no savior, to open my eyes.
I cannot sleep, I cannot dream.
There is no truth, just twisted lies.

Where is god? Where is his light?
I have no faith. I have no soul.
I am evil. I am in hell.
I have sinned. I broke the spell.

© Brian Voth, 1997.
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Fall to the Flame
The truth had set your mind on fire and stopped being a friend.
Pleasures always fleeting in a world that has an end.
Powerless and trembling and feeling left behind.
Life losing its meaning as fear engulfed your mind.

What's the matter young one, do you not like the deal?
An eternity of nothingness is all you'll ever feel.
Are you yearning young one for me to ease your pain?
I have all the answers, but none will keep you sane.

We must all fall to the flame. The end of life's confusing game.
We must all fall to the flame. Corpses with no names.

They'll tell you that life never ends, that death is just a gate.
There's glory on the other side, a truly wondrous fate.
But there's a certain price to pay before they'll let you in.
Obedience and offering will clean your soul of sin.

What's the matter young one, it's easy to believe.
Death is merely trivial, you scarcely need to grieve.
Do you wonder young one, if what they say is true?
Well, it's a chance you better take or hell awaits for you.

We must all fall to the flame. The end of life's confusing game.
We must all fall to the flame. Free from guilt and shame.

The preachers and the mystics are all fighting for your soul.
Behind the different promises they share the same old goal.
And when you look inside yourself the answer's no surprise.
You find only reflections of the things you know are lies.

What's the matter young one, what did you expect?
That you could find a way around the horror you reject?
Are you ready young one, to look death in the eye?
Fear is only natural but don't be scared to try.

We must all fall to the flame. The end of life's confusing game.
We must all fall to the flame. Return from whence we came.

© Brian Voth, 1997.
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Heart and Steel
Tell you 'bout a love affair between a young man and his car,
Late at night they'd drive the highways underneath a sky full of stars.
He'd take her up over 95, oh her engine would roar,
His heart would race and no one kept pace and all he ever wanted was more.

The road was their bedroom and they made love every night,
It was a marriage of flesh and steel, tendons grip and spark plugs ignite.
He took the corners a bit too fast, oh it was her idea of fun,
She wasn't too much to look at no, but man that little car she could run.

I am the ruler of the night.
I am the master of the road.
Three hundred horses at my side.
No one can stop this heavy load.

...Ashes to ashes, rust to rust...

© Brian Voth, 1997.
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Six thousand years, deep in the past.
Amidst the chaos, fate's die was cast.
Enforcement of order, the law became Lord.
And spread 'cross the earth on the edge of a sword.
Thousands enslaved, and thousands more killed.
The gods were made drunk on the blood which was spilled.
Civilization, the maddening dream.
We gave up our freedom and became a machine.

Centuries old, now a sight to behold, truly our greatest creation.
But out of control, and it swallows us whole, a ravenous abomination.
A Death Machine...

You are content, your soul has been saved.
You live like a saint, among the depraved.
There is no heaven, and there is no god,
But if it brings you comfort you'll believe in the fraud.
Obedient worker, put in your time.
Continuous victim of corporate crime.
And when they demand to have total control.
Will you go hungry, or sell out your soul?

So you swear to be pure, and bravely assure,
that your virtue will never be tried.
But you must lie, steal, and cheat, in a world made of meat,
and repent at the end of your life.
Hear the angels sing...To the one true god...

Burning with anger, or deeply depressed.
Your life lies in ruin, your mind cannot rest.
Instead of follow the leader, you followed your heart.
With surgical swiftness they tore you apart.
It doesn't matter who is right and who's wrong.
If they have the power, you won't last long.
Your submission is final, and you deal with the pain.
Swallowing anger and happiness feigned.

With a tear in your eye, you make one last try,
your children will champion your cause.
And you'll sadly lament, what you cannot prevent,
as they're crushed by mechanical jaws.
By the Death Machine, the Death Machine, devouring all of your dreams.
It's a Death Machine, a Death Machine, efficient, repugnant, obscene.

Riding the wave, you have gone far.
A cavernous house and a fast shiny car.
Choosing your battles, and winning the wars.
The position you longed for is finally yours.
Your enemies many, your allies are few.
The masses below are as hungry as you.
A paranoid tyrant, alone at the top.
Desperately hoping that the bottom won't drop.

Power and games, lovers and shame,
and numerous pleasures to keep yourself sane.
We are all slaves, from the cradle to the grave,
the difference: the length of the chain.
Chained to the Death Machine, the Death Machine, learning how slavery feels.
It's a Death Machine, a Death Machine, and you are just one of the wheels.

Jockey for position and you're happy for a while.
Ease the pain with one quick gain and wear a little smile.
They've got to keep you hungry if they want to win the race.
They'll amplify your failures, and shove them in your face.
Deep in debt they bury you and work you to the bone.
Trade your life for a piece of dirt that you can call your own.
Say it doesn't matter, give in to the machine.
There's much to keep you satisfied upon the TV screen.

Efficiency the endless chase and singular of mind.
Those who stop to catch their breath are quickly left behind.
To the victors go the spoils piled to the sky.
But there's no space for second place, assimilate or die.
Push it to the maximum in all your work and play.
No mercy and no sympathy for those who block your way.
Burning like a meteor and hell bent for the ground.
All you hear are grinding gears, spinning round and round...

And as your body starts to choke and spit up blood.
And you are waiting for the release of death.
The madness falls away layer by layer.
One taste of freedom before the end.

© Brian Voth, 1997.
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Light of Day
Light of day cannot light my way,
down the path I have gone.
Others fear to venture here,
Far away from the dawn.
On and on I am ever going,
weak of limb and short of breath.
Cutting through the endless jungle,
closing in on certain death.

© Brian Voth, 1997.
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